Any purchase over R2500.00 will be at no cost to Major cities and surrounding suburbs.
Any remote areas will be a charge of R250.00 regardless of purchase value.
Any purchase less than R2500.00  The charge will be R170.00 to major cities and surrounding suburbs

Deal of the day

Wilson Ultra Pro v3.0

R3,799.00 R3,349.00

Introducing the Ultra Pro! Featuring the same target specs as the 2017 Ultra Tour, this racquet blends modern speed with a classic feel and truly outstanding control. Boasting a dense 18x20 string pattern along with a thin 21mm beam and flexible construction, this stick will give you the feedback and precision of a traditional player's racquet. At only 323 grams strung, it swings faster than a traditional player's racquet, making it one of the more user-friendly options in its class.

Pro Kennex Q+Tour

R3,199.00 R2,399.00

For 2019, ProKennex updates the Ki Q+ Tour with a sporty racecar cosmetic but keeps the "best of class" comfort and arm-safety that has defined the brand. With its thin box beam, headlight balance and low stiffness�rating, the Ki Q+ Tour has a wonderfully classic and controlled feel. Like the previous generation, this light player's racquet gives intermediate and advanced players impressive control and spin on full cuts. The Ki Q+ Tour features the most evolved version of�Kinetic Quadfocus Technology, which deploys movable mass around multiple locations to create a more stable response. 

Pro Kennex Ki5 280g

R2,999.00 R2,249.00

The ProKennex Ki 5 (280g) offers controllable power and easy spin to strong beginners, competitive juniors and intermediate players. At 280 grams this racket will give less experienced players the ability to swing faster when going for pace and spin. The relatively compact 645cm² head delivers a precise and predictable response, and the Kinetic Technology does a great job reducing harsh impact vibrations. 

Pro Kennex Q+5 290g

R2,999.00 R2,249.00

For 2019, ProKennex updates the Ki Q+5 (290g) with a cool racecar cosmetic but keeps the explosive and accurate feel�of the previous generation. At only 290 grams this stick is ideal�for the intermediate player who wants a lively and spin-friendly racket that doesn't skimp on feel, comfort or arm-protection. This racket features the most evolved version of�Kinetic Quadfocus Technology, which places movable mass in multiple locations around the head. In addition to providing greater protection against vibration, shock and torque, the movable mass amplifies the power of your stroke, making it easier for you to control the point.

Asics Gel-Challenger 12 Ladies Grey/Pink

R1,699.00 R1,499.00

A comfortable and stable option for recreational players, the Gel Challenger 12 not only looks great but performs well too! Updated to offer more stability, the upper holds your feet in so you can move with confidence as the Flexion Fit helps assist in added support making the shoe feel quick. 

Lotto Mirage 200 Ladies

R1,899.00 R1,399.00

Special debut for the new Mirage 200, characterized by its upper inner sock. The new Mirage 200 represents the lightest Lotto tennis shoe for who is looking for lightness and agility on the court. Designed for mid/high-level tennis players, this shoe is made with two important elements: an inner sock composed by an elastic material, which enhances lightness and breathability and an external hot-melt cage with nylon net that guarantees support during multidirectional movements. The outsole is composed with FAS (Foot Arch Support), a medial stabilizer that ensures correct torsional elasticity,as well as Longlast 40 material, a special mix of rubber with high abrasion resistance.

Lotto Viper Ultra IV Ladies Pink

R1,499.00 R999.00

Players looking for an all around shoe will love the Lotto Viper Ultra IV Speed for its K-PU net supports, stability and long lasting durability. Players that make extreme movements for the ball can slide into their shots with ease and recover quickly for better defense. The Enerturn cushioning is very comfortable while Lotto’s RFC outsole rubber can stand up to the work you put in at practice and in matches.

Lotto Viper Ultra Jnr Black/Pink

R999.00 R799.00

The Lotto Viper Ultra II JR tennis shoe are made with a Kurim upper for greater durability and support. Ideal for young growing players looking for a lightweight flexible shoe. Replacement laces included in the box. Kurim Polyurethane and Nylon upper allows for stability on multi-directional movements and durability over time. Rubber sole for greater durability and optimum traction. The differentiated herringbone pattern is suited to all types of surfaces, ensuring excellent grip.