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Diadem Solstice Power 16 STRUNG


Diadem Solstice Power is a comfortably firm co-poly with a six-pointed star shape. The result is a string that combines a low-friction surface with maximum ball bite. In other words, this string was built for spin - massive spin. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a comfortable co-poly with pinpoint control have come to the right place.

Head Lynx Tour 16g Strung


Lynx Tour, Head adds another member to its growing family of Lynx co-polyester strings. This Lynx Tour is champagne in color, and our testers found that it offered the performance to back up its prestigious look. In contrast to the softer feel and impressive all-around playability of the original Lynx string, Head designed Lynx Tour to deliver extra control and spin. To that end, Head Lynx Tour was given a stiffer construction, along with six spin-friendly edges and a low-friction surface to help the strings snap back more powerfully at impact (think extra ball rotation). The design works wonders, hence the outstanding control and spin. Perhaps the most surprising attribute of Lynx Tour was the feel, which was more comfortable and responsive than strings with similar levels of control.

Luxilon Savage Black 1.27 STRUNG


Luxilon Savage is a co-poly loaded with spin-friendly bite and low-powered control. One of the first things we noticed about Savage was the impressive spin potential, aided in no small part by this string's six edges. In addition to those "grabby" edges, Savage offered an extremely controlled and predictable response on big swings. This predictability translated into aggressive stroke patterns punctuated by sharp angles and ambitious targets

Weiss Cannon 6 Star STRUNG


This unique WeissCannon string blends monofilaments and multifilaments by twisting the fibers together. We found 6 Star Supercharged to offer solid comfort and power with better access to spin than a usual multifilament string.

Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable STRUNG


Ultra Cable is a shaped co-polyester tennis string from Weiss Cannon, a German string manufacturer with a small lineup of extremely well-engineered co-polys. A cursory glance at Ultra Cable's construction reveals a very obvious design goal, namely spin.

Wilson Sensation STRUNG


This is the thickest version of Wilson Sensation, one of the game's oldest and most popular multifilaments. At 1.35mm this one offers increased durability over the thinner gauges of sensation. It also manages to deliver a nice combination of comfort, power and feel. Players looking for phenomenal all around playability in a very arm friendly package are encouraged to give this one a try.

Yonex Polytour Rev Strung


POLYTOUR REV is a co-polyester monofilament from Yonex, the iconic sports brand headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. A cursory glance at POLYTOUR REV reveals an obvious design goal, namely spin. To that end, Yonex has given this co-poly string a shaped profile (for extra bite) along with a unique silicone infusion (to increase string snap-back during impact).