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Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite 4.0


Play with comfort and power.The 4D braided construction filters out vibrations to give you a more comfortable blend of power and control in your game. The Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite 4.0 Squash Racquet is the latest evolution of this popular line from Dunlop. The Blackstorm series is a great value. The Graphite 4.0 features 500 sq. cm head, weights 135 grams unfinished and is balanced head light. The weight is middle a weight for a squash racquet but its head light balance helps it play lighter than it is.

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium 4.0


Designed for an impeccable experience when it comes to powerful shot making, the Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium 4.0 squash racket delivers a stunning power potential with oversized 500cm2 (78in2) head and enhances the stability by reducing torsional twisting thanks to the 4D Braided technology. Moreover, the racket offers a lighter weight at 135 grams to ensure massive manoeuvrability boost, and increased speed when controlling your strokes. Additionally, the frame is extra head light for added nimbleness and a more dextrous feel. The racquet delivers massive power on each stroke thanks to the Powermax 14x18 string pattern.

Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Lite


Explode your shot power. Hit shots with real impact. This lighter update to the Revelation Pro features a lighter head balance, making it manoeuvrable and quick around the court. It's ideal for you if you're an intermediate or advanced player.

Dunlop Precision Elite


Plant your shots with power. The conventional head shape gives you great control, while the larger head size packs more power. All thanks to a 14x18 string pattern. This is what power looks like.

Dunlop Tempo Elite 3.0

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The Tempo Elite 3.0 is a great quality graphite frame. Boasting ACS (Advanced Control System) to eliminate racquet torsion and increase ball spin. This is a great frame choice for the beginning player looking for a quality frame to get into the sport.The mid-weight Dunlop Tempo Elite 3.0 Squash Racquet features a highly stable and strong body for playing your very best. Advanced Control System or ACS technology at the racquet throat promotes maximal torsional strength for better control. Special Power Grommets located at the 3 oclock and 9 oclock positions help to facilitate string movement, ultimately helping create more overall power. Features a Graphite construction.

Head Ignition 135


The Head Ignition 135 squash racket maximises your performance as it provides excellent stability and shock absorbtion from the Head Innegra hybrid composite structure with carbon fibre for durability. This Innegra technology features the lightest technology performance fibre you can get.

Oliver Edge 4TE


This narrow framed racquet impresses with its playing characteristics. The very high frame stiffness is required at the highest level of play for precision and power.

Oliver ICQ 110 Ultra


Balanced long string racket with high dynamics. Because of its excellent playing characteristics one of the most popular squash rackets recommended by many tournament players and professionals.

Oliver Orca 5CL


The Wave design of the ORC-A line absorbs vibration for comfort and provides excellent cushioning to prevent arm fatigue. Due to the slightly top-heavy balance of the ORC-A 4CL is an ideal manoeuvrable racquet for a powerful attacking play.

Oliver Orca Black


The Oliver Orc-Black Squash Racket is a 110g frame designed for the advanced player seeking maximum control and racket speed. Because of the frame's wave formation, any vibration is absorbed before it reaches the shaft. This gives better control and the player feels no energy transfer into the arm. This frame enables faultless play with optimal impact.

Oliver Orca Gold (Supralight)


The new ORC-A SupraLight combines a lightweight racket with excellent power-generating ball acceleration. The Wave design of the ORC-A line absorbs vibration for comfort and provides excellent cushioning to prevent arm fatigue. Due to the slightly top-heavy balance of the ORC-A SupraLight, it is an ideal manoeuvrable racquet for attacking play.

Oliver XT 707 Pro


Compact allround frame ensures by the bridge in the heart his enormous strength. Well balanced and a moderate weight make the XT 707-Pro to the best selling frame in the middle price segment. Ideal for all-round player.

Pro Kennex Destiny Kinetic


Providing a fantastic opportunity for advanced players to improve control over the ball, the ProKennex Kinetic Destiny squash racket offers incredible motion speed, supreme handling and manoeuvrability with a light weight at 125g (4.4oz). It can also pack a serious punch without straining your arms, thanks to the Kinetic technology around the head, as well as in the handle to attenuate impact vibrations. The racquet features a 73in2 head for added precision and enhanced control, and it arrives strung with Response string in an open 16x19 string pattern to ensure heavier ball rotation on each stroke. Additionally, the frame arrives with a protective full-length cover, as a necessary storing method between games. 

Pro Kennex Destiny Speed


The ProKennex Destiny Speed squash racket stands out from the other models from the Destiny with the lowest weight (115g) to ensure maximum control and lightweight feel throughout the most demanding performance on court by intermediate/club players. The weight also helps to improve handling and the speed on rebounds, yet the racquet still is capable of providing substantial power to each stroke since it’s evenly balanced. Furthermore, the racquet offers enhanced playability and better touch with the Response string, and the open, 16x19 string pattern ensures additional ball rotation to make things more difficult for the opponents. The Destiny Speed is supplied with a full-length cover to ensure necessary protection for the frame. 

Pro Kennex Momentum CB


The ProKennex Momentum CB squash racket is designed with intermediate and advanced players in mind, since it boasts all the necessary playing specs for high level plays. Also, the racquet creates a head light feel and ensures superior manoeuvrability thanks to the Counter Balanced technology and lighter weight at 125g (4.4oz). The technology is also responsible for increased vibration attenuation, and the racquet is fitted with Comfort plus grip to ensure tacky feel and excellent touch. The Momentum CB arrives strung with Response string in a 14x18 string pattern, and it’s shipped with a convenient full-length cover which offers necessary protection for the frame between games. 

Pro Kennex Momentum Speed


The ProKennex Momentum Speed squash racket is the lightest frame in the Momentum range and with a good-sized 75in2 head and teardrop shape, it provides easy power generation, whilst the 115 gram (4.05oz) weight ensures smooth handling and faster overall frame. The racquet is evenly balanced, thus it offers a good combination of power potential and control over strokes, which is great for an equally distributed playing characteristics. The racket arrives strung with Response string in a 14x18 string pattern for a superior playability, and conveniently it’s shipped with a full-length cover for proper storage between squash games. 

Pro Kennex Triple Boran


Dual Properties Handle Technology. Pro Kennex utilizes their patented KINETIC COMFORT CAP to achieve a dynamic balance (or Counter Balance) that promotes Control and Feel during play, while adding another layer of arm protection. The Mass Displacement Chamber in the handle attenuates the remaining vibration that results from the initial energy exchange between ball and racquet. The engineering name for this is NonObstructive Damping Technique, or NOPD. While the Kinetic System provides the most efficient energy transfer in tennis, any harmful vibrations that do escape the secondary Kinetic energy pulse get swallowed up by our Damping Chamber before reaching the hand.

Wilson Ultra Triad


The Ultra Triad incorporates Wilson’s patented Triad frame technology for reduced vibrations and ultimate comfort. Power Hole Grommet Technology allows for longer dwell time on the string bed and provides a significantly larger sweet spot, chipping in added control and forgiveness as a result. Crafted for easy power and top-notch comfort, this racket feels good and performs even better.